My list of gaming grievances


As a reaction post to Belghasts recent post on gaming grievances. Of the nine points listed in this post, three stand out as some of my own worst gripes with MMORPGs, things I’ve written about before but could re-examine in light of recent gaming experiences.

“The Horrible Faction Wall”

I’m quoting Belghast’s own point four here, and while I may accept factions from a story perspective I do agree that in 2020 this divide “needs to fall“. With the ending of the story in Battle for Azeroth there really is an unparalleled opportunity to provide a more open grouping experience. Blizzard could follow Rift’s example, as Belghast mentions, and pull the wall down without even removing the flavour of having Alliance and Horde. Just allow cross-faction dungeon runs via Battle.Net.

No Vulpera allowed…

It’s just annoying that I want to play my new Pandaran monk, and friends…

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