The Bottomless Tombs – Part 3

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Shaft Tomb WIP

While a number of the old shaft tombs of the Etturan Dynasty have been found and explored, there is one that remains a well-kept secret amongst sages, masters of dark arts, and the few adventurers who have been there. Possibly the original shaft tomb of the dynasty, or perhaps a strange discovery that became the inspiration for the ones to come – the Bottomless Tombs seem to have earned their name.

The Bottomless Tombs - Level 3 The Bottomless Tombs – Level 3

This set of interconnected crypts and ossuaries starts out on a thin ledge 50 feet below the lowest tomb of level 2. About 20 feet below the lower set of crypts, the shaft of the tomb is enveloped in an area of magical darkness that clears up part way through the next section of the map (which will…

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