Top 5: Memorable Real-Life Locations in Games


Although I’ve been enjoying The Talos Principle, I find that when I start playing puzzle games, I often need to to have another, less cerebral game going at the same time. Recently, I found the perfect such candidate in Marvel’s Spider-Man. I’m still finding my footing with this game, but its high-action pacing and web-slinging drama suggests that I’m in for a very good time. But, beyond all the comic book hero stuff, Marvel’s Spider-Man is providing a vacation in another way: through its setting. When the game first came out, I was mesmerized watching its gorgeous rendition of New York City unfold as Spider-Man soared between buildings, above skyscrapers, and through street after crowded street. Now that I’m finally playing the game for myself, there really is something magical in “being” the one and only Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Being familiar with NYC, even just a little, only…

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