5 bad Steam designs and how to fix them

Nepiki Gaming

Steam is currently the gaming platform that I use the most when it comes to gaming in general. It has easy accessibility, and I’m also often too lazy to stand up and turn on a console. Aside from that, it also has the most games out of any platform out there, meaning that there will always be a game on here that I haven’t played and that potentially interests me. I love this platform, but it does have obvious faults. I mostly feel this is due to Steam not having a lot of competition, so they don’t have to try as hard to please their fans. Origin and Uplay are only used for the exclusives from both EA and Ubisoft, GOG.COM is a very nice (if not better) alternative to Steam when it comes to DRM-free games but somehow still doesn’t stand amongst the same heights as Steam does, and…

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