The Vrock Cave

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Beyond the low, wide gap in the stone is a vaulted cavern – dark and reeking of excrement. Deep within the cavern there is a shrine to a foul demon that is said to grant knowledge and power over the arcane to those who would pledge their souls to it. But the demonic shrine brings its own perils.

Vrock Cave Vrock Cave

There is still one disciple who lives here and jealously guards the source of his power, living in the chamber off the side cavern on the lower right. And foul monsters have crawled through the shrine into this world and a pair of these vrock haunt the upper reaches of the cavern, prepared to swoop down on any interlopers.

Vrock Cave (no grid) Vrock Cave (no grid)

Finding and unlocking the power of the shrine allows the ancient demonic thing beyond to prove it is true to its word for those willing to pledge…

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