My 100 Favourite Games of All Time (90-81)

The Strong Style Smark

We’re back again! Counting down another 10 games that I adore.

If you haven’t read the first instalment in this series, please do so here, where I explain how I’m judging these games.

Let’s not waste any more time!

90- Antichamber

Release Date: 31st January 2013
Developer: Demruth
Publisher: Demruth
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Metacritic Average: 82%

It’s a game about…ummm…mindfucks?

Antichamber is such a hard game to talk about because saying pretty much anything would ruin the experience. It’s one of those games that I think you should go into as blind as possible, because the more you know, the less of an effect it will have with you.

Antichamber is a game that sits you down, shows you the basics of its puzzle mechanics, and then proceeds to fuck with your head for an hour until either break through the game or the game breaks you. It’s…

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