My 100 Favourite Games of All Time (80-71)

The Strong Style Smark

Welcome back to the series! Today, I’ll be covering entries 80 through 71.

If you haven’t read the previous instalment in this series, please do so here, and here’s the first entry if you want to start from the entry 100.

Let’s not waste any more time!

80 – Morphblade

Release Date: 3rd March 2017
Developer: Suspicious Developments
Publisher: Suspicious Developments
Platforms: Window

It’s a game about building a board of hexes with which to murder bad guys.

Morphblade fits into that category of games that are entirely designed to be played for about 5 minutes at a time when you’ve got nothing better to do. However, it shows that games of that ilk have to be mindless trash like we see all over the mobile market.

Morphblade is so simple, and yet every time I play, I find myself blown away by the level of depth it has…

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