MMORPG terms that I never use


I’ve heard recently a few terms in the MMORPG sphere that kind of grate on me, without there necessarily being a solid reason why. I’m not talking about the obviously offensive language that some in the genre use so casually, but rather innocuous lingo or short-cut terms that I just avoid using.

Blueberry, World of Warcraft

Voidwalker in action

I was frankly ignorant of this term until earlier this year. I’ve not played Warlock that consistently so that may explain my blissful ignorance, but apparently a lot of players call the Voidwalker pet a ‘blueberry’. I just find it an utter misnomer – this demon’s shape and colour aren’t that reminiscent of this particular fruit to me. Whatever the origins of this, I’m not a fan of this term.

‘Toon’, various

My Dirge _Alt_

One of various terms used to refer to a MMO character. I do use character, ‘main’…

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