Point-and-clunky: bad adventure elements

Later Levels

Although we all love video games in this corner of the blogging community, there are certain things about them which rub us up the wrong way. Even our favourite genres can contain elements we’re not fond of: formulaic boss battles, AI companions who get in the way or miserly save points for example.

Most Later Levels’ visitors will already be aware of just how much I adore point-and-clicks. In the 30 years I’ve been playing video games, they’re the type I return to most frequently and I’m always on the lookout for new releases. But this doesn’t mean I’m blind to their flaws – and I’m not just talking about pixel-hunting or long conversation trees here either. The following are some of the elements I could do without, regardless of my undying love for the adventure genre.

Sudden deaths

I’ll always remember playing Déjà Vu and why I never finished…

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