Dungeons that are still a challenge


Not all dungeons are equal, or specifically not all boss fights are created equally. We were looking to run a level-sync’ed dungeon with relatives yesterday afternoon, with our duo recently having set up camp in Jade Forest (now level 82), the Temple there would have been the obvious place to romp through. Sadly the summoning stones did not work with the new level bands (in Battle for Azeroth) or maybe the one at Temple of the Jade Serpent is specifically bugged as it wouldn’t allow us to summon the other two characters for the run (content was originally 85-90). Rather foolishly we decided to plump for a Cataclym dungeon instead, in the current game Cataclysm and Mists are in the same widened level band of 80-90.

None of us could remember much about Blackrock Caverns, but it is a short flight from Stormwind so off we popped to summon…

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