Cult Basement

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Cult Basement WIP

The Communion of the Gold Hand doesn’t appear all that secretive. The members (mostly merchants, traders, importers and exporters) each wear a golden ring set to look like a hand is holding the band of the ring and attend small gatherings at the Communion headquarters on Bell Street.

Cult Basement Cult Basement

Beneath the Communion headquarters is a much larger structure with permanent guards, temple staff, and a few members of the Communion who have become “changed” through their rituals and magics. Because the Communion is seen as a mercantile society, food and goods are delivered here under the pretense that they are trade goods being held for one of the Communion members. Once the cases of goods are empty they are shipped back out empty to other member warehouses where they are then lost in the mix and reused. This makes it easy to hide the true number of staff who…

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