My Live Streaming Journey So Far

That Green Dude

Funny moments and learning new things

twitch banner1.1 My twitch banner which I made in about 2 minutes.

I’ve been live streaming on Twitch for nearly four months which seems insane as it doesn’t feel that long. The days, in general, have been long because of the ongoing pandemic, which has made the days all blend into one another, it’s weird. For streaming though, it feels as though the time has flown by and I think that is down to how much I have been enjoying streaming.

I think it is time to provide an update on my live streaming journey, the funny moments, the feel-good vibes and the interesting times. I want to document my live streaming adventures, not just for myself but for everyone else. I want people to see that live streaming is an awesome experience and maybe to try it out themselves.

The funny moments


Since I started…

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