Death Saves Revived


When D&D went to 5th Edition, they dropped the notion of negative hit points and came up with a new system called “death saving throws.”

Death Save Mechanics

Under this system, when you reach 0 HP, you fall unconscious and you begin making “death saving throws.” Each death save is a DC 10 check (no modifiers). It’s set up in a best-of-5 system. So, if you get 3 successes, you live; if you get 3 failures, you die. A creature who lives is stable at 0 hit points and needs time to recover. There’s an interesting little mechanic that instantly revives you with 1 HP when you roll a 20, and an opposite mechanic that gives you two death saves when you roll a 1. If you get hit, you lose 1 death save; criticals count as 2 hits.

Death Saving Throws

There was also a set of rules in Tomb of Annihilation…

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