MMORPGs – just for fun


Roger of Contains Moderate Peril had a post last week about compartmentalisation of the playerbase in MMORPGs. The feelings expressed spoke to my own situation in all these years of online gaming. MMORPGs are very broad games and have players of all abilities and commitment levels playing in them.

Happiness is duo-fun

Roger writes about player skill and motivation in his post:

I am motivated primarily by having fun and have never seen any game as some sort of personal trial or path to spiritual enlightenment.

This fits my primary motivation as well, I’ve never played MMORPGs as some kind of skill or reactions improvement exercise. From what I’ve seen of raiding, at least in World of Warcraft, there’s an element of this. All the players in the raid are expected to look after their characters gearing, but also to improve when necessary their gameplay skills. Watching boss strategy videos…

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