My first tabletop RPG experience

Later Levels

Sometimes it’s hard to believe I’ve been playing video games for over 30 years. I’ve experienced many amazing adventures and RPGs in this time, and these have allowed me to develop a strong appreciation for interesting narratives and well-thought-out characters.

It may therefore seem a little strange that I’d never tried a tabletop RPG before this year. Perhaps this was mainly to do with having only limited exposure to them; although I’ve known several bloggers who play for a while now, my real-life friends have always focused on video games. There’s also the fact that somewhere along the way I’d made the assumption it was just a group of people telling each other fantasy stories. My interest had never been piqued enough to cause me to find out more as writing fiction was something I’d never been good at.

This changed when Kevin from The Mental Attic began looking for…

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