1982 Dungeon Hobby Shop Catalog… with Poster of Mounted Paladin versus 3 Orcs

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Despite being owned by TSR, the Dungeon Hobby Shop in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin sold RPGs, boardgames, and gaming accessories by a number of companies.

Their 1982 mail order catalog is a snapshot in time of the state of the hobby. For gamers who did not live near a metro area blessed with a hobby shop, mail order was their only source for RPGs.

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1982 Dungeon Hobby Shop Catalog TSR Hobbies, Inc.
The Dungeon Hobby Shop Dept. 501
PO Box 756
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

DSCN7786 The catalog kicks off with RPGA Member gear, including…

TSR Lizard belt buckle A Lizardman TSR belt buckle! (pic from somebody’s 2013 eBay auction), and…

AD&D Fighting Wheel 1 The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fighting Wheel! Quite rare today. Sold this one back in 2018 for $190.

DSCN7787 The Dungeon Hobby Shop sold D&D and AD&D stuff, no surprise there. (Look at those prices!)

DSCN7788 And TSR’s other game lines of the time, including Gamma…

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