Alternative vs standard routes in dungeons


We had one of *those* moments last night in Gnomeregan. It was our first Horde dungeon group run in WoW Classic for quite some time. The dungeon of choice for this levelling group was Gnomeregan as we’d barely poked our characters noses for the first time before I had to log off the last time we played.

All these dungeons are pretty familiar to us all, whether from the original early Burning Crusade versions we ran so many times together, their evolved forms from Cataclysm or now the Classic modes. In Classic, we’ve levelled from 1-60 Alliance side and done all of the 5-person group content at least a few times, in some cases rather more than a few.

How long before our Hordies are treading and retreading these halls….?

What doesn’t change is that we tend to have certain ingrained, default routes and paths that we follow. If…

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