The Raven’s Rum & Roosts – Tavern & Inn

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Found on Theatre Street, a few blocks from the College of Music and the Grand Theatre, the Raven’s Rum & Roosts tries to dress itself up as a more upscale inn than it is. The manager, Giles Baar, always wears a long black coat and bow tie and his hat is home to a raven (taxidermied, but that isn’t immediately obvious) – he keeps the lighting in the tavern fairly low and attempts to maintain a mien of being both aloof and friendly.

The Raven's Rum & Roosts The Raven’s Rum & Roosts

“The Raven” primarily serves goose (stew or roast depending on the day), rum, grog (rum and water in a 1:4 ratio), and a local pale ale. Upstairs from the tavern is the inn with five rooms – while none of the staff live at the inn, on slower nights one of the double rooms is often given to staff who need to…

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