Mainstream games outlets need to drop the condescension toward MMOs

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Last Wednesday, VG247 posted an article about Star Wars: The Old Republic that really rubbed me the wrong way. Oh, on the surface, it looks like it’s a piece written in 2020 that’s praising a 10-year-old MMORPG, which is kind of a win for our community. But the way it was written was a perfect example of the dripping condescension and contempt that many mainstream games outlets view MMOs.

In short, these outlets — your Kotakus, your Polygons, your VG247s — are staffed with plenty of writers who like to act all snide toward MMOs if they ever write about them. It’s like they’ve been trying to establish a pecking order so that the geeks on top can feel better beating up on the geeks below. We experienced a lot of this back when I worked at old Massively, as our colleagues at Joystiq would hardly ever deign to give…

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