10 Awesome Video Game Weapons

Gaming Omnivore

Lancer – Gears of War(series)

Part assault rifle, part chainsaw. The Lancer is a pretty straightforward weapon and comes in a few variations, but it’s consistently awesome in providing both medium and close-range attacks. You can fire away from behind cover, but also rip through any enemy locusts that get too close for comfort.

Sonic Amplifier – Overwatch

When not operating as a freedom fighter with Overwatch, Lúcio Correia dos Santos spends his time as a musician, giving back to his community in Brazil. His weapon of choice is the Sonic Amplifier, acting as essentially a subwoofer-gun which fires four-round bursts as well as the Soundwave ability which provides a small shockwave to push back enemies. As Lúcio is one of my mains in Overwatch, I was definitely going to include his trusty Sonic Amplifier.

Farsight XR-20 – Perfect Dark

In a game with a great many memorable weapons, the…

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