Aftermath: On the Run

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

Killing the enemy of my leader happened onboard a royal ship docked in a bay. Imagine the deep water bay of a river where the ocean’s salinity yet plagues the fresh water, where shark thrashes, where freshwater bass fear to tread.

Up the ropes I went with undead strength hauling my ass aboard, Daedric battle axe pulling back with gravity to send me back to the depths. Like a dead fish I plop aboard, instantly squatting, unhooking the axe. Four? Six guards to crack open like mud crabs?

I begin the wet work.

I take gold from each cooling body, pocket it in my belt-sack. The stately cabins just off the deck is a foolish spot to hide an emperor, and yet that is where they tucked him away. I can smell his fear.

Taking to the shadows again, I hug the walls until I come to the door where…

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