D&D Diary – The Sunless Citadel – Session 1

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Our heroes go a quest filled with kobolds, goblins, a dead dragon cult, and the nastiest tree in the world.

TFTYP Cover titleForget about the seven deadly sins. May I present the seven deadly dungeons!

Our campaign is taking a break from the intrigue of Waterdeep Dragon Heist to go kill some monsters in one of the classic funhouse dungeons presented in Tales From the Yawning Portal. This will be a recurring pattern in our campaign; run a chapter in Waterdeep, then a dungeon in Tales. In my head, I have a way to tie them all together with my Top Secret end game adventure. Hopefully, I can pull it off. We shall see.

Today’s dungeon is The Sunless Citadel, first released for the 3rd Edition D&D. It features a turf war between groups of kobolds and goblins that have moved into an abandoned temple which was swallowed by a ravine during…

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