The Hive Maze in the Dry Bay

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Hivemaze WIP Hivemaze WIP

In the dry bay there are strange hive-like structures of a ceramic material excreted by the previous residents. These structures are always built into a hexagonal structure, and the interior walls and “cells” seem maze-like and inscrutable to those who explore them now.

The HiveMaze The HiveMaze

This particular structure was semi-adapted to human use who knows how long after the original builders left. Furnishings were added and the whole place has taken on a strange mixed atmosphere of church basement, obscure library, and beehive prison. The closer one gets to the centre of the maze, the more the dry desert air from outside gets displaced by a cooler musty odour emanating from the stairs down into the tunnels below – the salty dampness a reminder that this whole region was long ago under water.

The HiveMaze sans hexes The HiveMaze sans hexes

But time takes its toll, and those who rebuilt this hivemaze…

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