The Dungeons of Windkeep Citadel

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Perched over the great cities of the plains, Tabuld Amberhand watches the world change from his throne room in Windkeep Citadel. Beneath the halls of the Citadel are of course the dungeons – home to those “special” prisoners who are not dealt with by the common constabulary and “justice” system of the plains cities. There are four levels to the dungeons all connected by a single stairway – the three lower levels of which are dedicated to housing prisoners.

The Dungeons of Windkeep Citadel The Dungeons of Windkeep Citadel

Level 2 has four large cells for “sensitive” prisoners who need to be treated with some amount of decency as well as six standard cells for lesser prisoners who aren’t to be relegated to the lower dungeons.

Level 3 contains two wings of cells. The north side is a set of twelve oubliettes – cells that can only be accessed from above – food and water…

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