D&D Bestiary of Dragons and Giants (AC10): More Than Meets The Eye (1987)

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The Bestiary of Dragons and Giants (Dungeons & Dragons Accessory AC10) has much more to it than the title implies.

A Bestiary in D&D parlance (to me anyway)… I’d expect a Monster Manual type book. That’s not really the case here. Dragons and Giants has much more in common with the Book of Lairs releases for AD&D (See REF series at my reference site): Short adventures featuring a particular monster type on their home turf. Which is what you have in these 14 mini-adventures.

However, AC 10 has more than adventure seeds. The nifty part of this book is the Dragon Spell Generator that you can assemble.

Bestiary of Dragons and Giants (AC10)

1987 … Deborah Christian (editor) & Larry Elmore (cover) … 64 pages + 2 covers (2-panel + 3 panel) + errata sheet … TSR 9211 … ISBN 0880384883

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