Have MMOs given up on a seasonal cycle for weather?

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…stares at the wildstar picture up there, sighing in memory. you really were too pretty for words, wildstar. too pretty for this world…

Wait, sorry, Where am I? In a new post draft? OK, let me get my thoughts together here.

Weather! There’s a thought. Actually, what I was wondering the other day is where are all of these MMOs that we’re supposed to have that make good on the promise of delivering actual yearly seasons to the environments?

I mean, there are some games that certainly do work in weather effects. You might get some snowfall (with no accumulation), some rainstorms and puddles, some fog, and in Fallout 76, radioactive storms. Those are really cool, mind you, and do a lot to change up the look a given zone, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m speaking of this grand feature that so many studios claimed to be…

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