Coin-Op of the Realm

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Ricky Schroeder may have been the Tiger Beat star of the 80s sitcom Silver Spoons, but what caught my eye (and the attention of my friends) about the show back then was that the Rickster and his infantalized father had an arcade in their house.

Sure, I had an Atari, but actual stand up arcade games in your great room? That was some real one percent [expletive] right there.

Fast forward an ungodly number of years to today where my PS4, and Switch, and heck, even my phone have more gaming power than anything in Edward Stratton’s mansion. But still…. there is something about stand up arcade cabinets. Call it nostalgia. Call it stupidity. But there are times when I look at the empty corner of my den and think how cool would the old Star Wars arcade game look there.

I bring it up because there…

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