Why I’m Still Gaming Into My 50s, Even Though My Eyesight and Reactions are Shot to Pieces?

Carl Nixon

Back in 1979, the 11-year-old me walked into the local leisure center and had his life changed by what he found there. In a dark, dusty corner of the area normally reserved for vending machines, stood a Space Invaders machine. Until that moment, he had only heard of Space Invaders from the constant news stories about how they were sweeping the nation and how bad they were for children.

There in front of him stood the forbidden fruit he had dreamed of playing on. It shone like a beacon and called out to him — “Play me”.

He was instantly hooked, and he quickly fed it all the money his mother had given for swimming that day. This was a pattern that was followed every weekend for months to follow. My mother must have wondered why my swimming kit always came back bone dry each weekend.

That Space Invader machine…

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