Three “Hidden Gems” on the PlayStation One You Can’t Play… Legally

3rd World Geeks

There is no doubt that the original PlayStation One is one of the best video games consoles to come out. It had to be as it beat Nintendo and Sega at their own game and in Sony’s freshman outing, no less. It’s even more amazing that the system was made just to spite Nintendo for breaking the deal they had for the Super Nintendo CD add-on they were making. The system also introduced the world to a new level of games and was a lot of gamers’ introduction to long-lived series like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear. It also gave birth to new franchises like Resident Evil and Tomb Raider.

As there have been so many games that were released on the system, there are bound to be more than just a couple of really good game that get lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, this means they don’t show up…

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