Let’s Talk About X, Baby

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OK. Let’s dispense with the 80s nostalgia soft open and dive right in, shall we, because there’s a bunch of X-y stuff to talk about.

Microsoft released the Kraken skinny on it’s next-gen consoles this week. So what did we learn?

The Basics
Microsoft is releasing two consoles: The Xbox X and the cheaper, less powerful Xbox S. Both consoles will be released on Nov. 10, with pre-orders starting Sept. 22.

Kotaku has the full breakdown of all the technical differences between the two consoles, but let’s dial that back a notch and just give you the good stuff.

Xbox X – Slightly faster CPU, more powerful GPU (12 TFLOPS, FWIWFLOPS), more memory, 1TB of storage and runs at 4K.

Xbox S – Slightly slower CPU, only 4TFLOPS with its GPU, less memory, just 500GB of storage, doesn’t support native 4K.

Setting price aside for a minute, how much…

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