PS5 or Not to PS5: Reflections of a 40 Year Old Gamer

Shut Up and Dribble

As a Xennial born into the console gaming gaming generation. I feel like I’ve witnessed a technologically driven entertainment industry advance in a way that can only be comparable to the rise of the motion picture.

If you compare gaming now to the gaming of 35 years ago, it must be similar to the feeling of watching a silent film at the turn of the 20th century, to the introduction of sound in “The Jazz Singer” in 1927.

Since the 1930s, film has continued to advance from the large scale stage productions produced for camera like ’39s Wizard of Oz, to the almost exclusively digitally produced, FX sensory experience Marvel movies of today.

From Sepia into Technicolor: Screencap Youtube

Today’s gaming evolution is fully underway this fall with all the big players releasing next generation consoles in time for the Christmas shopping season. Sony is releasing it’s PS5 on November…

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