25 Favourite RPGs of All Time

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Zachary over at RPG Blog II is putting together a top 25 RPG list, and it got me thinking. I’m an old-timer but also a fan of some odd-ball recent games, but when I really dig into my collection, a lot of my favourites are oldies and “classics”.

So here’s my list.

Halfling Illustration by Jeff Dee in the 1981 Expert Rulebook

#1 Moldvay Basic / Expert Dungeons & Dragons

This should come as no surprise, I’ve even blogged about it previously as one of the few non-character posts to this blog. I love the art, I love the simplicity, I love the game. Back when Fighters were real fighters, Magic Users were real magic users, and small furry-footed adventurers from the Shire were REAL small furry-footed adventurers from the Shire.

#2 Gamma World

But already I’m having issues with this list. I’m not sure which edition of Gamma World is my absolute favourite. I tend to prefer third…

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