AD&D Session 20: Lizardache’s Den of Instinkquity

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This game opened up with the return of Malbert . Everyone that this guy had been adventuring with before is dead now except for Fagor. While not a whole lot seems to happen in any one session, the changes sure do seem to add up. It’s a completely different game now!

Updating the him to the current situation following on from last session was much harder than I expected. The rough player map was completely wrong. My wizard duel that set off an explosion on the southwest side of city had gotten changed in the players’ minds into a meteor strike on the southeast side of the city. Everything was confused! When the players went into the dungeon, nothing was where they’d thought it was, even after I carefully gave out exact lengths for were doors were, turns, and passageways.

One thing was clear, though. Going across the electric shock…

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