3 Topics In a D&D Session Zero

The Nerdd

So, you’re a Dungeon Master, and you’ve found a group of players that want to play in a game you run. That’s great! Sometimes that’s the hardest hurdle to overcome. Now, before you get to playing, you need to have a Session Zero. Again, don’t just suggest a Session Zero, but actually hold one. It can even be on the agreed upon start date, and just the first time you all get around a table, is for Session Zero specifically.

But what is a Session Zero? Whether this is a new concept, or you just want to make sure you’re not forgetting anything, there are three things you need to include, to make sure your game gets off on the right foot.

In Session Zero, all the players (and DM) get around a table to discuss Table Rules (behavior), House Rules, and Gameplay (including character creation).

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