SGTBones’ List of Must-Play PC Games Presented in No Particular Order

Mega Dads

Chris Berto

Deep in the heart of the Mega Dads compound, Adam is slowly working through his PlayStation pitch for a studio acquisition, while John toils away as a loyal X-bot, struggling to make sense of the Xbox Series X and why it exists. Locked further below in the basement sits Jonny Casino, who has been in the corner crying for the entirety of 2020 as Nintendo continues to ignore his pleas for new, or even mildly exciting games on the Nintendo Switch. Fear thee not, for not all is dire and bleak. There is a fourth, and might I add, a vastly superior way to play some of the best games ever released. Every one of them is entirely backwards compatible (take note, Sony) and playable on virtually any PC built in the last 15 years. Please sit back, and let me, SGTBones, walk you through my personal list…

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