How long do you log in for?


I’ve been thinking about the cadence with which I play MMORPGs at the moment, one that is probably far away from the stereotype of the genre or what the developers might envisage. Other than the dungeon runs in WoW Classic or Retail, I’ve generally only managed short bursts of gameplay in Everquest 2 (almost daily), plus some brief meanderings in Rift and Elder Scrolls Online. My freetime was very limited so I prioritised fun with friends for the last month to six weeks.

Now I am, almost jarringly, back to normal – no studying and no evening absorbing web-conferences (like Ignite which dominated several evenings last week). I fear I’ve become a bit too accustomed to logging into Everquest 2 for short sessions once or twice a day and having the odd hour to do a different game maybe once a week. How long do you log in for normally?

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