Using a Headset Mic vs. A Standalone Mic for Streaming

In Third Person

When it comes to streaming equipment, I strongly vouch for starting with whatever you’ve got. If you’ve only got the mic built into your laptop, use that first. If you have a gaming headset, that works as well. Upgrades can wait until you spend some time streaming with your current gear and figuring out

But when you’re ready to upgrade, would it be better to get a standalone microphone? Or would a nicer gaming headset do the trick? Using my own gear, I put these options to the test!

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8 Reasons You Should Buy an Xbox Series X

Kieran's Corner

Xbox Series X Fridge
Source: Xbox

In my last post, I covered the top 10 next gen PlayStation exclusives so I thought it only fair that I make a post covering the other half of the console war, highlighting the 8 reasons you should buy an Xbox Series X (or S).

The previous gen console war was less of a war and more of a slaughter, with the PS4 coming out on top. This coming gen looks as though it will be a lot closer, with Microsoft seemingly learning a number of lessons from their botched Xbox One reveal. Everything from the Series X’s specs to optional services have received massive revamps this time around, leaving gamers with a tough decision to make.

8.The Most Powerful Next Gen Console

Xbox Series X Hero image
Source: Xbox

In terms of raw, on paper hardware, Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PS5 (albeit slightly). If you’re looking for the…

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The Overlook Cave

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Overlook Cave WIP

The side cavern from the deeper sections of the old dungeon had a surprise at the end. An area of worked stone & masonry in what appeared to be a gallery with a chamber looking down over it 25 feet above. Portions of the cavern had collapsed and other sections appear washed away. The suggestion is that this gallery significantly predates most of the rest of the dungeon and might have been discovered accidentally.

Overlook Cave 300dpi
Overlook Cave (300dpi promo)

Ancient stone chambers act as home to newer residents though. And the lack of stairs is no impediment to a grell. In the main chamber beneath the overlook and in the caves off of it are a number of “grellfolk” – grimlocks in service to the grell who decorate themselves with fake beaks and wear their hair curly to try to resemble the grell’s brain-like structure.

Overlook Cave (1200 dpi)
Overlook Cave (1200 dpi)

The grimlocks…

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My First Game(s) for Each Console

In Third Person

As November draws near, the hype for new consoles is hitting a fever pitch. I can’t wait to get my hands on my PlayStation 5 next month and experience the next generation of gaming.

All of this excitement got me thinking about my past experiences with new hardware. In particular, the games I got with each new toy. To the best of my memory, here’s

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PS Plus Games November 2020

The Games Freak

Today, PlayStation revealed the free games available to PlayStation Plus subscribers for November 2020. All Playstation Plus subscribers will be able to download Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition at no additional cost. These games will be available to download from the 3rd November-30th November 2020. Nick Maguire, Vice President of Global Store Services, posted the official announcement on the PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation also shared that people who own the PlayStation 5 and subscribe to PS Plus will receive an added bonus. Bugsnax will be available to download at no additional cost for all PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 5 console. Although the game is also releasing on the PlayStation 4, players will not be able to redeem this benefit on that console. Only the PlayStation 5 edition is available for free to PS Plus subscribers.

Bugsnax will be available to download at no additional…

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Best single player PC games

Gamer Savings

Everyone has an idea of the best single-player PC games – here are mine

With every new generation of console or constant inclination of ultra-powerful PC peripherals a new conversation begins – we start looking at what is getting left behind.

With the growing might of ubiquitous multiplayer games like Fortnite, there is a consideration as to whether the single-player experience is slipping away.

Are developers still finding it profitable enough to produce a 20-30 comprehensive campaign? and more importantly, is the gaming world still asking for them?

The invisible hand always steers the market towards the needs and wants of the consumer, and since the robust single-player is still being developed at the highest levels and success is still being found in these story-driven solitary experiences it looks like single-player games are not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Cheap Single Player PC Games

The good news is that…

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Flowing Celadon Grotto

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Flowing Celadon Grotto
Flowing Celadon Grotto (300 dpi promotional)

The waters along the back of these old limestone caves are almost opaque and nearly pea-green in colour. Nonetheless they are some of the only waters in this part of southern Zorisz.

Flowing Celadon Grotto (1200 dpi)
Flowing Celadon Grotto (1200 dpi)

The central space of the cave contains a small house, with roof and everything, that currently serves as the home of an ancient dwarven druid-priest and a few initiates who both quietly meditate upon and guard the caves. The dwarf offers purified water to those who desperately need it, and those who can pay for it – others know that the lower cave near the north entrance is an easier place to full buckets and barrels of the murky green waters before bringing them back to their lairs elsewhere in the desert badlands.

Flowing Celadon Grotto (1200 dpi - no grid)
Flowing Celadon Grotto (1200 dpi – no grid)

The ancient druid-priest also offers the…

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D&D Diary – The Sunless Citadel – Session 5

Game Night Blog

Our heroes finally get that stupid iron key, plunder the tomb of some ridiculous thing, and the dragon abandons the adventure.

Sunless Citadel 3e Cover 1When last we left our heroes, they had defeated the Mad Druid, Belak and foiled his plans to infest the land with a horde of nasty, carnivorous Blights. They even managed to destroy a “vegetated” vampire, curing several fellow adventurers, including one, a Dragonborn Thief named Aragon, who will now join our merry band of mercenaries. But there is still the matter of the mysterious iron key and a white dragon somewhere in this dungeon. So today, we’ll wrap up all the loose ends and I’ll give my review of The Sunless Citadel, as presented in Tales From the Yawning Portal. Due to the pandemic, we are still playing with just Andrew as the fighter and thief, and James the wizard and cleric.

Following last week’s epic battle…

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