What Do Digital Consoles Mean For Gaming?


Sony and Microsoft decided to do one thing similarly with their consoles this year, and that thing was to create a cheaper version of the flagship console they’ll be selling this year, without a disk drive. So? What’s the big deal?

Think about this… Buying a digital edition console this year locks you out from buying disks for the lifetime that you have the machine. There’s only one way to get the games you want with these consoles and that’s right through the Playstation Store and Microsoft Store. Why bring this up? Mainly because of the device you’re most likely using right now, your phone. You either have iOS or Android, now there have been giant developers like Epic games calling out companies like Apple for monopolistic paywalls within the app store. Apple takes 30% of all app revenue from most games, and for Fortnite, this included every in game…

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