Even a jump can take you far


It all started with my usual propensity to jump on anything in a MMORPG that is in front of my character. That “because it is there” mentality, at least in a zero stakes game, really gets my Tauren druid in Classic to try to climb or jump up on things. It usually makes for interesting screenshot angles, and the odd unusual discovery.

In a recent run of Razerfen Downs with our Horde dungeoneers, it also led to some musings on the hidden advantages of certain World of Warcraft character races when it came to jumping. Very tall characters have the edge it seems, which is perfectly logical in one sense, but a vanishingly rare commodity in more modern games due to balancing.

Although I usually did jumping puzzles in Guild Wars 2 exactly once – I really dislike them with a passion – I never found it particularly harder on…

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