Best gaming platforms to choose.


Gaming has been and probably will be a ever thriving and flourishing part of the virtual entertainment industry.

Meaning of choosing the best gaming platform mainly depends upon the budget first,of which Gaming pcs currently are at the apex of the cost pyramid.

Following are the gaming platforms that will be discussed throughout the post-

smartphone gaming(common)

Custom PC gaming

Consoles(playstation,xbox,stadia etc)

Handheld consoles(nintendo 3dxl,switch,game boy,psp etc)

NOTE: The two main factors you should keep in mind while finding a perfect gaming platform for yourself and those are Cost and your need . Of course you can’t take a gaming mobile if you want high fps gaming when your budget doesn’t exceed over 200 bucks, so I do recommend that to get your priorities straight.

In this age most of the gaming platforms provide best potential respective of their specs. First we will take two…

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