2 Parts to Your D&D Pre-Adventure Handouts

The Nerdd

It’s time to begin your Dungeons & Dragons adventure! You’ve got your players picked out, they’ve made their characters, and you’ve all discussed your expectations about this group playing together during your Session…. Now, you as the Dungeon Master has (perhaps secretly) picked your adventure, whether it’s a module or homebrew, and you are ready to have your first official session.

However, regardless of how much experience you each have with D&D, there is always a lot of exposition that you have to give your players before you begin, so that they understand the world that they are in, where they are in that world, and who they are in that world, not just as characters, but as people.

sinister secret of saltmarsh art - Google Search in 2020 | Ghost,  Roleplaying game, Priestess

Therefore, I believe that you should, before the first session (preferably a couple days before) give each of your players a handout for them to look over. This handout should…

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