Lucky Death Saves


Following our discussion on Lucky feat(ure)s (and follow-up), we’re going to run the analysis through a test case. This might seem tough with the variance in martial proficiency, typical ability score investments, and saving throws between classes. Thankfully, there’s a useful saving throw example that is relevant to every character.

Death Saves make an excellent test case, since they have an average success chance at DC 10 and they apply universally. There’s no universal rule providing flat bonuses or rolling with (dis)advantage, which limits the variables (though certain class features may provide exceptions).

Lucky Death Saves - Single RollLucky Feat. By essentially giving you advantage on your death saves, the Lucky feat means you’ll be almost 25% more likely to succeed. You’re also nearly 5% more likely to roll a natural 20, which will revive you instantly.

2 Portent Dice. You have a ~10% chance that one of your portent dice is a…

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