Dark Cleric Dara

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

That’s right, I’m a Sun Elf, but when it comes to spirituality, you have to get your hands dirty to rid a land of evil. The evil you kill bleeds all over you, especially when you hammer down with the costly spells from above. Light can never be contaminated, stained, nor ruined. But people can be, and that’s why I take a special pleasure in hearing the dying confessions of those responsible for calling demons into our dimension.

Dark Cleric. That’s my job. I exorcise with a vengeance, destroying corruption where I find it no matter the cost. Don’t let my long, sexy legs distract you, nor my short chain mail skirts. Why do you think I dress this way? For roses? I have to laugh if that’s your answer. Evil likes a little look, a little show, and that’s when the old hammer of faith catches them way off…

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