Bitterchains Tombs

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Those who served Illhan the Binder in life are rewarded with uneasy deaths. The binder has little power over the dead, but refuses to let go of those who have become bound to her. The priesthood entomb her servants in various crypts and tombs under old worship sites or attached to “dungeons” where they hide their cult.

Bitterchains Tombs
Bitterchains Tombs (1200 dpi)

This set of tombs is larger and more ornate than many full cults of the binder. It is home to a dozen or so sacred to her church, and unfortunately even more bound to her in death as lowly undead guardians. The centrepiece of the tomb (room 3) is a tall chamber with stairs leading up around the outer wall to side chambers at various elevations along the way. At the top of the stairs is a chamber with an open floor to the area below, and four silver…

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