A Total Abuse of Power

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

My vampyric abilities sometimes tell me of things yet to be experienced if they are long range enough to be felt first. Such is the case with two targets, vague shadows really. One calls down the ire of the gods, and knows the rite of clarified ground. She is my equal. The other is a weaver of emerald powers, a total abuser of netherworld openings. That one is beyond me, and I can only hope her intentions are peaceful.

Holed up in a tomb, I rested, allowing my eldritch connections to freshen and grow strong. Now I can wield the storm once more without losing control over its fury. Now I can once again renew my quest for greater empowerments, if these twins of Hecate do me no harm.

Perhaps I should appear to both, but do so one at a time. Perhaps heading them off at the old pass…

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