Why does fall always put me in the mood for serious gaming?

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Is there any season that we end up talking about more in the internet than autumn? We’re all really vocal about our changing leaves, pumpkin spice everything, and move toward the big holiday corridor. I mean, as I write this, I’m listening to falling rain, sipping on pumpkin spice coffee, and looking at the leaves on the tree outside of my office change into brilliant yellows.

While fall might not be my most favorite season (which tends to change year to year), I’ve always noticed how there’s this effect it has on my desire to want to play games. As in, once fall really kicks in weather-wise, I feel a huge urge to hunker down and get my MMOs on. It always feels like the perfect time of year to get cozy with gaming.

Probably a lot of this has to do with nostalgia for falls of the past. Historically…

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