D&D Diary – The Sunless Citadel – Session 3

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Our heroes delve into the laboratory of a Mad Druid, Riandon expands his zoo, and there’s something wrong with Regizar.

TFTYP Cover titleWhen last we left our heroes, they had just defeated the BBEG of Level 1, which technically completed the quest condition needed to gain their reward from a tribe of Kobolds; a single iron key. But my players knew that there was a whole second level to the dungeon, so they ignored the kobolds for now and went off to explore more dusty corridors, meet new and exciting monsters, and kill them. Or in James’s case, collect them.

They are accompanied by a whole slew of NPCs, which frankly over complicate this adventure. Two of the NPCs are the book’s fault and one is mine. And to think, that if Grenl, the Goblin shaman, had lived in the last battle, she would probably be part of the group too…

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