The “New” Creatures introduced in the AD&D Monster Cards (1982)

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Each of the 4 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Card sets introduced 3 new official creatures for game play.

All the new monsters went on to be included in the Monster Manual II (1983), though only a few are recognizable as “standard” AD&D fare. Today we’ll take a look at these “new” monsters.

This is not my first post on the AD&D Monster Cards.

AD&D Monster Cards: A ReferencePhoto

AD&D Monster Cards: Somefavorites

Before we dive into the photos… A trivia question.

All the other monsters in the cards are from the Monster Manual.

Except One. It’s from the Fiend Folio. Which is it? (answer at the bottom of the post)

AD&D Monster Cards in the shop

Relevant Reference Site entry

Check eBay

Monster Cards, Set 1

Grippli. The Erol Otus art here is superior to the MMII version, which looks like a Bullywug variant to me.

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