5e Spell templates for VTT

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Due to the COVID pandemic, all my gaming has moved online, and while that in it of itself is not a bad thing, it has generally changed my prep and the way I run games, even if it has allowed for greater consistency in our scheduling. 

One of the things I find the most challenging when running games, is determining the area of effects of certain spells. The 5e core rule books provide a way to do it, and it works quite well, but Xanathar’s expanded on it with the introduction of the “template” method. The template method essentially lets you drop certain geometric shapes on the battlemap, to represent the areas of effects, it’s easy enough. 

When playing virtually, this becomes easier, as the grid allows you to drop template graphics on it, making adjudicating areas of effect a very simple process. 

I use Roll20, and I went ahead…

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