AD&D Session 23: The Ogre-Manticore-Centipede Trifecta

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So this game, I came in not too excited to play through another one of my one page dungeons. After playing 18 sessions with little to no prep, I just was not enjoying running games where (a) I knew every single thing that would be relevant to the session and (b) having to put up with the players playing completely “wrong” either one way or the other– by either following the overcautious algorithm searching for the path of least danger or else COMPLETELY DOMINATING my little original scenarios with little or no challenge. Of course, the players don’t mind the latter especially if the loot is good. There is some satisfaction in the campaign progressing even if an individual scenario is not the greatest.

Anyway, this session the players very quickly selected my “farmers in town looking for help to rescue their daughters from goblins” hook. They latched on this…

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